> November 8th is the day in 2016 where
nyMusikk Bergen is electing you.

You are wanted as a performer to the world premiere of the work

Heads Under Water
by Else Olsen S

The work itself has no official agenda associated with the election in The United States the same day.
It´s nor a coincidence that the work is composed right now, and performed on the election day. The world premiere will be performed by whoever might be having troubled thoughts about the election season. It may be performed in public or private, seen or unseen. On Facebook via nyMusikk Bergen’s event, or out in the real reality.

The composer, who is in the US on election day and throughout the world premiere, gives this comment about the work:

The title obviously has a direct connection to almost drowning, or not being able to breathe freely. The term is often used to describe a situation which has gone too far and is out of control. Just as the democracy is mirrored through a sad election season in the US this year, which is also the very reason why the work was composed. People around any problematic situation should be allowed to express themselves freely about what is going on, which is something that concerns the very basis of democracy. I hope that Heads Under Waterprovides an occasion for anyone, not just artists, to express themselves through art – in the spirit of Fluxus. After all, art may express more than 1000 words.

Instructions for participation in nyMusikk´s world premiere of Heads Under Water:

1. Study the work.
2. Take a picture of yourself wearing goggles and post the picture on nyMusikk Bergen´s Facebook page on November 8th with the following text: USA. November 8th, 2016.

 nyMusikk Bergen on FB:

Alan O’reilly  – alan@nymusikk.no  – 98198943
Else Olsen S. – elseolsens@gmail.com – 45292936

This is the work Heads Under Water, which is to be performed on the 8th:

Heads Under Water

For a time when you are having trouble with certain circumstances, follow these instructions:

1. Wear goggles.  Continue whatever you would normally do this day.


2. Travel to the determined place or event, wearing goggles.
3. Post a picture or video of yourself and goggles, accompanied by the words Heads Under Water, followed by the name of the place or event you want to comment, and the date.

If 2nd movement is being performed, let the picture show both you wearing goggles and the place or event in the background. If 2nd movement is not being performed, the picture may show whatever is convenient for you while wearing goggles.  

Please visit FB event for Heads Under Water

Botanikk + Joshua Rubin
30 November
Botanikk. CD release.

Lisa Dillan – voice and glass
Øyvind Storesund – double bass
Else Olsen S. – prepared piano, toy orchestra
(Pauline Oliveros – Midi accordion)
About the quartet Botanikk
Else Olsen S. met Pauline Oliveros through her performative Ph.D. studies in The United States, where Oliveros was her mentor. Oliveros will not by at the release physically, but her Deep Listening might reach you from New York!
The quartet Oliveros, Olsen S., Dillan and Storesund met during the Open Form Festival in Oslo in 2009, where this recording was made. Oliveros is considered one of the foremost contributors to experimental music. She has always been on the edge of the established music scene with her electronic and musical experiments. It is not surprising that these exact three Norwegian musicians have found their way to Oliveros. They have all established their work in the «gray area». Their different paths have led them to the flora of free music: Øyvind Storesund´s musical starting point is in rock and heavy metal, Lisa Dillan started with jazz and Elvis, and Else Olsen S.’ pathway has been via conventional classical piano and contemporary music.
Joshua Rubin (US)
Rubin is a founding clarinetist and the co-Artistic Director of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), based in New York.
As a clanitetist he works expressively with contemporary music repertory, being an expert on extended techniques and the use of electronics in new music.
In November he will perform solo pieces for clarinet, such as Rebecka Ahvenniemi’s (N) An Ode to a Tree (2016) and Salvatore Sciarrino’s Let Me Die Before I Wake (1982).